Holland Avenue

Another 1950’s property in Knowle, with the house being typical of the post-war period (during which building materials were in short supply).

The usual symptoms of a dated 50’s property were all present, small windows and doors, unattractive brickwork with no decorative details, concrete gutters (metal rainwater goods being in very short supply throughout the 1950’s), poor quality roofing materials, and generally uninspiring interior spaces.

Being well versed in the local housing stock, (and having completed dozens of similar projects in Holland Avenue, Wychwood Avenue and the surrounding area over the last few years), we were well placed to deliver a scheme to turn this property around.

Our proposals included various extensions to create additional bedroom, bathroom and family spaces to fit with current lifestyle demands. The inclusion of vaulted ceilings, roof lights, large folding sliding doors, and spacious interiors all served to allow light to flood into the new and existing spaces, with new thermal insulation specifications adjusted to ensure energy efficiency and comfort were not compromised.

With external landscaping and face-lift works to raise kerb appeal, and luxurious interior fixtures and fittings, the transformation was inspiring, and added real value to the property and surrounding area.